P4 Warehouse

P4 Warehouse Change Log

P4 Warehouse Change Log
P4 Warehouse - The WMS of the Future
  • Modified UI to aid with long running operations
  • Improved performance of shipping of BOLs and Master BOLs
  • Optimized and improved visibility of Auto picking for e-commerce orders
  • Introduced a new step in Small Parcel shipping: Carrier pickup and manifest
  • Removed redundant link between Truck Loads and Pick tickets
  • Removed unused 'Mark for cycle count' option on Handheld skipping
  • Added a new way to auto generate truck loads based on grouping algorithm
  • Added 'History search' utility which allows searching deleted records
  • Moved 'Export to XLSX' and 'Reset Grid' button further apart
  • Moved ability to build packsizes duriong production
  • Added ability to suspect orders that were shorted during picking
  • Added two additional fields to pick ticket
  • Appt number and Appt date
  • Relaxed restriction on Production orders to have duplicate Consume/Produce lines
  • Introduced a new configuration setting which controls whether shorted orders are allowed to be shipped
  • Added Bill To information to Shipping rules
  • Introduced a shipping options default facility based on shipping rules (client/customer/scac/zip)
  • Per above, removed all shipping related default that used to be setup on the customer level
  • Allowed multiple pick tickets (same customer/address) to be full pack picked to the same pallet
  • Added Bin quarantine override for allocation
  • QR Code scanning is always enabled for 'sa' user
  • Added a way to create custom Packslip/Proforma/Receiving/RMA reports
  • Above reports could be applied to Tenant -> Client -> Customer/Vendor
  • Added LotNumber field to PO line to force receiving specific lots
  • Added a set of configurations which controls allowing custom document numbering
  • Upgraded to a newer version of EasyPost api
  • Optimized performance of full pack picking
  • Improved cartonization screen, added additional relevant columns
  • Implemented new mobile app versioning to support Update notification
  • Emergency fix to Handheld to supress new version check
  • Extension to Production
  • Surfaced additional fields on Production List to show finished/disassembled product
  • Reworked Production module. Old production is now Kitting
  • Added additional handheld screens to support new production
  • Added additional configurations that drive production
  • Move Workflows to Setup
  • General cumulative fixes
  • Enabled ability to do packsize breakdown to an LPN instead of a pickable bin
  • Additional work to enable Malvern shipping
  • Improved performance while handling large, cartonized orders
  • Added Commercial Invoice generation for Small Parcel shipping
  • Added a way to reprint Commercial invoice from Web UI 2.01.2
  • Major version update
  • Substantial changes to backend infrastructure
  • Address change to Subdomains
  • Added Direct Move Bin suggestion flag
    • will propose bins on product moves
  • Added configuration that controls maximum ordered quantity for full pack picking
  • Improved performance of Pick Ticket details screen
  • Added quoted weight fields to capture quoted shipping costs
  • Added invoiced weight/cube fields to capture actual invoiced costs
  • Added Print LPNs option on Staging LPNs screen
  • Improved Cartonization performance for order needed a large number of boxes
  • Extended Lot allocation capabilitiles on Pick Ticket line level
  • Added Background allocation for Packsize breadkdown/LPN Letdown to improve performance
  • Added a way to record an invoice number when capturing shipping costs on Truck load
  • Added a configuration Client/Customer/Vendor which controls Back order creation for PO/Pick tickets
  • Added additional fields to product master needed to generate customs documentation
  • Added automatic Packslip and Truckload printing
  • Added a facility to track quoted and actual shipping costs for Truck Loads
  • Added a way to add additional shipping options (Residential, SOD, etc...) for small parcel
  • Added expanded set of configuration for Small Parcel shipping
  • Added 3rd Party shipping/billing options
  • Added various payment types when shipping Small Parcel
  • Added ability to support international shipping using Int. Tax Id
  • Added Malvern small parcel shipping broker - Moved Malvern/EasyPost small parcel configuration to a client level
  • Fixed Directed putaway query to consume different parameters
  • Fixed Android GPS collection when screen goes/device goes to sleep
  • Added an option to Unpick whole Pick tickets instead of just one Tote
  • Added a facility to assign zones and bins to a client
  • Added a facility to specify allowed product categories for zones/bins
  • Added Receiving Put-a-way Bin suggestion flag - will propose bins during PO receiving
  • Added Returns Put-a-way Bin suggestion flag - will propose bins during RMA receiving
  • Added section to Configuration which contains SQL queries that drive put-a-way logic
  • Added Production Workflow management
  • Added Workflow designer and ability to assign workflows to BOM/Client
  • Moved Audit records from Mongo DB to SQL for easier reporting
  • Added ShipTo name in Pick ticket/Tote selection while building Truck loads
  • Added Staging LPNs report for visibility into truck load planning
  • Added a setting which controls whether a BOL document could be printed without signature or not .
- Added ability to restrict expiring product on PO and RMA Receiving
- Added additional configuration settings that control expiry allowance
- Added settings to Vendor and Customer that control expiry allowance
  • Added Percentage picked to Pick ticket header
  • Added a 'Back to Picking' function which allows taking shorted Rating orders back to picking
  • Added new Handheld function LPN merge which allows consolidating staged LPNs .-
  • Added new handheld function to Adjust Out full bin/LPN without scanning product
  • Added ability to download most recent APK directly without Google Play Store
  • Added Help button with Reseller's information
  • Added additional information fields to pickticket detail screen to help with load planning
  • Added additional information to packslip report
  • Added facility to assign/unassign truck loads to pick tickets even before pick tickets are picked or allocated
  • Added a separate setting for handheld weight/dims from default reporting UoM
1.31.1 - September 25th, 2021
  • Added total number of cartons to Packslip report
  • Cosmetic fixes to BOL report
  • Added facility to create Master BOL for multiple customers
  • Added a restriction for zone names. Now cannot create zones with the same name
  • Added an option to do Bulk Updates to Pick tickets and Purchase orders
  • Added facility to configure dimensions data to Bins/Zones
  • Added new handheld screens to capture dimensions and weight of Totes and LPNs
  • Added new handheld tag list screen to fulfillment
  • Added facility to activate and deactivate users to temporarily prohibit access to the system
  • Added Appointment date to pick tickets
  • Added Must Arrive date to pick tickets
  • Enabled printing tags from the pick ticket list
  • Made comments editable past Draft state
  • Surfaced comments in the pick ticket grid
  • Added facility to run an import over existing tenants to retain previous settings (ex: integrations or print station)
  • Decoupled Email sending to improve PDT performance when emails are enabled
  • Improved Allocation performance on large orders
  • Added facility to change allocated quantities and partially release reserved stock.
  • Added facility to Unallocate individual lines.
  • Carrier now propagates to Pick Ticket and Tote when shipping Truck loads.
  • Added pick skipping to Production picking.
  • Minor changes to component consumptions in Production when using By Recipe option.
  • Added Handheld activity dashboard.
  • Added facility to redirect handheld to an alternative cloud server on tenant selection.
  • Added facility to maintain min/max inventory per Bin for product dedicated bins.
  • Added a way to preview handheld screen of an active user session.
  • Added ability to setup zone with Single Bin per Product (to support POS).
  • Added ability to setup bins with dedicated products (to support POS).


  • Extended support for older version of Android (Lollipop SDK v19)
  • Added a configuration that controls whether to display Product locations on Product Move
  • Added Skip button to Product Letdown handheld option
  • Modified LPN Letdown to display all LPNs that are in the queue instead of just the first one


  • Added facility to re-allocate orders that have already started being picked
  • Added facility to move allocated stock (based on configuration)
  • Added Quantity prompt on Packsize Break down handheld function


  • Added additional Packsize handling option to Zones/Bins. Zones/Bins could be setup to auto break Packs to Eaches
  • Added Letdown by product handheld function to avoid pulling down the whole pallet


  • Added additional allocation flavor for Packsize controlled items
  • Introduced new Picking mode
    • Carton Picking (pick individual cartonized boxes) - Renamed former 'Carton Pick' to 'Full pack picking'


  • Reworked the way Reseller/Distributor model works and how licenses are assigned