Create Customer
P4 Warehouse Adding a new Customer
The Customers page features a listing of all the customers available within the Warehouse Management System software. There are columns for Customer Number, Company Name, Description, Contact Person, Email, Client, and Created. There is also a “New” button at the top right (to create new customer profiles and a “Refresh” button (to update the list after any changes). The “Export All Data” button is located just under the refresh button appearing as a black folder encircling a white X.
Select the “New” button to create a customer profile. The New Customer pop-up window will appear with four options: Client, Customer Number, Company Name and Description. The Client field features a drop-down menu from which to choose a client from an available list. Complete each option (Description is optional) and select the “Submit” button.
Client is not used unless the system is setup for 3PL or Multi-Company.
The page will then display the Customer profile page (in this example, Customer: c2). On the left side is a Details section to input an email address, a contact person and miscellaneous information in the Description field. In the upper right corner are two buttons: the “Update” button will save any changes made to the customer profile and the “Refresh” button will display any such changes. On the right is the Addresses section to input one or more addresses for this customer, including an “Add” button for the addition of new addresses. Lastly at the bottom is a Settings section for Product Expiry Allowance (the customer does not want any item that expires within the time chosen; default set to 70 days).
Addresses are displayed with information columns for Default, Name, Route, Attn To (Attention To), Phone, Address1, City, Province, Postal (Postal Code) and Action. To delete an address, select the icon (black x inside a white box) under the Action column for corresponding address. To edit an address, choose the selection text under the Name column. This will activate the Address pop-up window.
At the top of the Address Details pop-up window is an option for Default (with a check box) for choosing this address as the default address for this customer. Enter, remove, or add any address details in the various fields as desired. Once finished, select the “Submit” button at the bottom to complete the address.
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