Setup Printers
P4 Warehouse Setup Printers
Printers are configured by your P4 Warehouse Partner, please contact the partner that sold you the P4 Warehouse Solution for assistance setting up your printers inside of P4 Warehouse.


  • A dedicated Windows computer for running the print server and interface software. (This should be an existing server that is always turned on)
  • Printer's are setup on the computer mentioned above.
    • Connection type can be USB or Network.
  • Be sure to assign the printers friendly names lie Zone123, Zone33...
P4 Warehouse can print in 203 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi, be sure to tell your P4 Warehouse Partner the dpi of your printers.
For best results setting up the print server please contact your P4 Warehouse Partner.
For advanced users here is a link to the installer:
P4 Warehouse - WMS - Printer List
By clicking the key icon the list of the different type of labels will be displayed. Select the type of labels that should print to this printer. Click Submit at the bottom of the screen after making your label selections.
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