Information for Android Mobile
General Section for the Mobile device
It is vital that your Android device has Google Play Store, P4 Warehouse requires the app be updated when a new version is released on Google Play Store. The are NO APK files distributed.
The mobile app is the workhorse of the P4 Warehouse System, inside the mobile app is where all the instructions are executed. The app is designed to be easy to learn and easy to use, meaning new warehouse workers can learn the system fast.
P4 Warehouse mobile app functions on Android Lollipop and above, the software is designed to function best on Zebra Android devices. This is not a firm requirement however we do leverage much of the functionality of the Zebra Data wedge software to control the mobile devices. Data wedge permits the software to require scanning of various fields to prevent keying errors.
Main Menue for P4 Warehouse Android App
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