P4 Warehouse
Manual waving is done via the Pick ticket menu and can be done as a single order or grouped using the Pick tickets grid.
Pick ticket grouped Wave:
Auto processing for different stages of fulfilment can be enabled or disabled in Setup->System->Configuration->Business->Fulfilment->Automation
Pick ticket Single wave:
after selecting Wave, a pop up window shows with System set defaults for Wave that can be changed if needed. Next select submit.
Pick ticket is now in Waved state and a Totes section is now visible:
Tote Label explained: A tote label can either be a box label or a pallet label depending on how you ship. An example would be a company shipping eCommerce orders, every box is going to a different customer, in this case the tote label is applied to every box.
Note: when waving for box labels, select Carton at waving. When needing pallet labels select Pallet labels at waving.
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