Add Users
P4 Warehouse Add Users
You will find the add user screen in the System menu then users. Here you will see a list of users. To add a new user, click the blue "New" button.
P4 Warehouse List of Users
Once you click the new user button you will see a screen where you can add the new users data.
P4 Warehouse Add new user
On the screen above, you can add the basic data for the new user. Username, First Name, Last name and decide if this is a standard user or an administrator. Permissions for users are configured in the next step.
If this is a mobile user remember to keep the username short as these are being typed on phone size devices.
P4 Warehouse Detailed user setup
As will see this screen offers a powerful set of configuration options for each user. Below we will go over each area section by section.
  • Login credentials
    • Username - The name the user will use to enter the system
    • Password - Password for the user, be mindful of the mobile users keyboard however still create secure passwords for your companies protection.
    • Language - Select the language of your user, the system is multilingual on the user level.
    • Permissions - Regular User or Administrator
    • Default Menu - this is for web dispatchers and controls the first screen they see when logging into the system.
  • Personal Information
    • Click the photo of the question mark to add the users photo.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Time Zone - This is the time zone of this specific worker.
  • Handheld
    • Track Geo Location - This is for users that are delivery drivers for YOUR company.
  • Assigned Zones
    • In this setting you can control what Zones / Warehouses a user has access to use.
Depending on how your Warehouse is Implemented Zones are an immensely powerful tool.
  • Other
    • API Key - Keep these keys private, API Key is used for interfaces to talk to your system.
    • User Info details - There are 10 user defined fields you can use for any data that is not specifically stored in our normal fields.
  • Modules
    • A list of permissions that controls what menu the user has access to.
    • Permission Modules are detailed in the previous screen.
    • Select the Role / Permission for this user.
P4 Warehouse user Profile / Module Permissions
  • Clients
    • In the event you are a 3PL Provider or have Multiple Companies configured, you can select the 3PL client or company the user works for. By not setting anything the user can work for all 3PL clients and/or Multiple companies.
P4 Warehouse Multi Company / 3PL
  • Printers
    • In this section you can assign a specific printer to a user as well you can define the default printer for this user.
    • Advanced button lower in this section will allow you to specify specific printers for specific types of labels.
If you are using Zone printing consult with your P4 Warehouse consultant prior to making these printer settings.
P4 Warehouse Assigned Printers
P4 Warehouse Advanced assignment of printers
With the screen you can configure specific printers to print specific types of labels
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