Permission Profiles
P4 Warehouse Permission Profiles
Modules are profiles that can be setup for users. The use of modules will control what can or cannot be seen by a particular user (such as menus, options or fields). Users can be of type Administrator and type User.
Permissions Profiles
Within the System sub-menu on the left-hand side drop down menu, select Modules. This will produce the Modules page from which you can create profiles by selecting the “New” button on the top right. Assign a Name (mandatory) and Description (optional) and select “Submit”. You will now be at the Module page from which you can select the Menu Builder tab at the upper left. From this page you can drag-and-drop (from left-to-right) the various menus and sub-menus you wish to allow for this specific module. You can add entire menus or just one menu at a time. You can also add a menu and then delete whatever sub-menus you want to restrict just by selecting the black “X” on the right side of each option. Once finished, select the “Update” button at the top right.
P4 Warehouse Module / Permissions setup
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