P4 Warehouse
The Vendors page features a listing of all the vendors available within the Warehouse Management System software. Columns appear for a Vendor Number, Company Name, Description, Email, Client, Created and Action. There are also two buttons at the top right: “New” (add a new vendor) and “Refresh” (to update the list after any changes have been made). The Export All Data button is located just under the four buttons previously described, appearing as a black folder encircling a white X. Use the Action column to delete a corresponding
P4 Warehouse Vendors List
To add a new vendor to the WMS, simply select the “New” button to activate a pop-up menu with four options: Client, Vendor Number, Company Name and Description. Complete each option and then select the “Submit” button.
P4 Warehouse add Vendor
Once created, select the vendor from the list (choose the Vendor number text link) and that Vendor profile page will appear. On this page every detail of the vendor can be completed or edited, including such options as name, email, and address. Select the “Update” button at the top right to revise the vendor profile with any changes made. Select the “Refresh” button to display changes.
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