Open Returns
P4 Warehouse Open Returns from Customer
In this screen you will be able to create a new Customer Return (RMA) in P4 Warehouse. The RMA process is for the return of products from the customer to a warehouse. P4 Warehouse has taken RMA to a new level by adding invoice matching, Lot Number Matching, Serial Number matching to help ensure the product came from your warehouse.
P4 Warehouse RMA
The RMA screen functions like all other screens in P4 Warehouse you select Data Entry then New to begin the creation of a new RMA.
P4 Warehouse New RMA Document
In the New Customer Returns field, select the customer and the warehouse. Leave the Customer Return Number blank unless you are matching the RMA to some other system, P4 Warehouse will automatically create the next RMA number.
P4 Warehouse New RMA
Once the Customer Return Document is generated there are two options, "Add" or "From Shipped". Add will let you add any product you sell to the return. "From Shipped" only allows you to add an item that the customer specifically purchased from your company.
P4 Warehouse Invoice Matching
By clicking "From Shipped" P4 Warehouse will display a list of shipped products and order numbers. Filter to find the correct product on the correct order.
P4 Warehouse RMA screen
After adding the product that you will accept for the return, click release to floor button.
P4 Warehouse RMA ready for reception
As you can see in the photo above, the RMA is released to be received, from this point on, the RMA will behave much like a Purchase Order. You will receive the RMA and verify the products status, if the product is sellable it will go into the bin locations, if the product is not sellable it will go into a quarantine bin for removal or destruction based on the policies of your company.
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