P4W Change Log

  • Android 13 support (API level 33)
  • Added stage location contents lookup
  • Added Four wall report
  • Added configurations that control which information is synchronized and shown on Four wall report
  • Added enhanced production options
  • Added scannable Tracking number to Customer Returns
  • Added a new Carrier Pickup handheld screen
  • In addition to SKU and UPC, added a facility to scan BarcodeValue of a Product
  • Upgraded to a newer version of OS (31)
  • Added additional mapping for Receiving slip
  • Improved UI when creating Scheduled Reports
  • Opened Comments field for changes on PO closure
  • Added Comments on Receiving slip
  • Added 'Auto ship small parcel' flag on a user level
  • Improved Ecom dashboard to support unallocated single unit parcels
  • Added ability to set carton packsize in Ecom dashboard
  • Improved Small parcel screen which now allows to scan/change Carton size
  • Added Scheduled reports
  • Added additional fields and configurations to enrich commercial invoice report
  • Added history visibility to Packsizes
  • Added a way to handle totes by carrier tracking number
  • Added Ecom dashboard, a new way of processing single line, single unit Small Parcel orders in bulk
  • Added actionable KPIs to E-comm dashboard and Pickticket list
  • Improved Inventory visibility and added Task generation controls on Product details screen
  • Improved Malvern integration. Added address verification and rating for Residential deliveries
  • Improved Tote staging processing while shipping using small parcel
  • Added new report type: Commercial Invoice that is available for both Pick tickets and Totes
  • Added automatic printing of Commercial invoices for international shipments if carrier cannot do electric submission
  • Extended Packsize breakdown to allow breaking to inner packs
  • Added a facility to import and export bundle components
  • Improved UI for bundle components management
  • Introduced configuration which controls whether BOL/MBOL could be shipping without charge terms
  • Added precedence facility to shipping rules when a Pick ticket resolves to more than one rule
  • Added infrastructure which allows pick ticket small parcel changes to propagate to totes
  • Added collection of Dims/Weight on production
  • Improved truck load shipping verifications
  • Prevent changing shipping method after order has been shipped
  • Removed excessive links for non Administrator users
  • Changed Apply tags screen to be more user friendly
  • Created restock user task automation for min/max bins
  • Discontinued Kitting, Production should be used instead
  • Reworked 3PL Billing
  • Added a way to copy shipping settings to totes from pick ticket
  • Added a way to create custom 3PL invoice templates
  • Added a way to pick multiple Picktickets using Full Pack Picking at the same time
  • Modified UI to aid with long running operations
  • Improved performance of shipping of BOLs and Master BOLs
  • Optimized and improved visibility of Auto picking for e-commerce orders
  • Introduced a new step in Small Parcel shipping: Carrier pickup and manifest
  • Removed redundant link between Truck Loads and Pick tickets
  • Removed unused 'Mark for cycle count' option on Handheld skipping
  • Added a new way to auto generate truck loads based on grouping algorithm
  • Added 'History search' utility which allows searching deleted records
  • Moved 'Export to XLSX' and 'Reset Grid' button further apart
  • Moved ability to build packsizes during production
  • Added ability to suspect orders that were shorted during picking
  • Added two additional fields to pick ticket
  • Appt number and Appt date
  • Relaxed restriction on Production orders to have duplicate Consume/Produce lines
  • Introduced a new configuration setting which controls whether shorted orders are allowed to be shipped
  • Added Bill To information to Shipping rules
  • Introduced a shipping options default facility based on shipping rules (client/customer/scac/zip)
  • Per above, removed all shipping related default that used to be setup on the customer level
  • Allowed multiple pick tickets (same customer/address) to be full pack picked to the same pallet
  • Added Bin quarantine override for allocation
  • QR Code scanning is always enabled for 'sa' user
  • Added a way to create custom Packslip/Proforma/Receiving/RMA reports
  • Above reports could be applied to Tenant -> Client -> Customer/Vendor
  • Added LotNumber field to PO line to force receiving specific lots
  • Added a set of configurations which controls allowing custom document numbering
  • Upgraded to a newer version of EasyPost Api
  • Added facility to change allocated quantities and partially release reserved stock.
  • Added facility to Unallocate individual lines.
  • Carrier now propagates to Pick Ticket and Tote when shipping Truck loads.
  • Added pick skipping to Production picking.
  • Minor changes to component consumptions in Production when using By Recipe option.
  • Added Handheld activity dashboard.
  • Added facility to redirect handheld to an alternative cloud server on tenant selection.
  • Added facility to maintain min/max inventory per Bin for product dedicated bins.
  • Added a way to preview handheld screen of an active user session.
  • Added ability to setup zone with Single Bin per Product (to support POS).
  • Added ability to setup bins with dedicated products (to support POS).


  • Extended support for older version of Android (Lollipop SDK v19)
  • Added a configuration that controls whether to display Product locations on Product Move
  • Added Skip button to Product Letdown handheld option
  • Modified LPN Letdown to display all LPNs that are in the queue instead of just the first one


  • Added facility to re-allocate orders that have already started being picked
  • Added facility to move allocated stock (based on configuration)
  • Added Quantity prompt on Packsize Break down handheld function
  • Added additional Packsize handling option to Zones/Bins. Zones/Bins could be setup to auto break Packs to Eaches
  • Added Letdown by product handheld function to avoid pulling down the whole pallet
  • Added additional allocation flavor for Packsize controlled items
  • Introduced new Picking mode - Carton Picking (pick individual cartonized boxes)
  • Renamed former 'Carton Pick' to 'Full pack picking'
  • Reworked the way Reseller/Distributor model works and how licenses are assigned
  • Fixed Packsize convert Handheld function
  • Fixed Customer return data entry for packsize controlled items
  • Added Barcode value to Products and Packsizes with various symbologies (ITF-14, EAN-13, UPC-A, Code 128)
  • Added First Pick to pick ticket list for easier waving of high volume single pick orders (e-comm)
  • Added Address Override option on pick ticket after releasing
  • Added External/Manual shipping
  • Fixed an issue where Driver/Vehicle/Seal were not recorded when shipping with HH
  • Added Disclaimer section to Document reports (Receiving slip, Packslip, Proforma, RMA)
  • Added ability to override above disclaimer on a Customer/Vendor - Client - Global level
  • Added ability to override document logo by Customer/Vendor - Client - Global
  • Added ability to delete Carton Sizes even if there were previously assigned to totes
  • Added Un-receive RMA handheld function
  • Added Non-RMA receiving handheld function
  • Added Reason code configurations for above two handheld functions
  • Emergency fix for Cycle Count processing
  • Emergency fix for PO Receiving double SKU prompt
  • Modified how Outstanding Qty to build is calculated. Now (Allocated - Built) instead of (Ordered - Built)
  • Added Cycle Count audit report
  • Packsize is not prompted on handheld, if only one packsize is available (assumed default)
  • Added facility/configuration that prevents LPN to be left on the Floor
  • Reworked Analytics menu structure
  • Added cartonization driven picking (both Conventional and Wave picking)
  • Added configuration that controls picking behavior (whether to enforce cartonization or not)
  • Added configuration that controls enforcing customer compliance profiles
  • Added configuration that controls if carton size/weight should be obeyed during picking
  • Modified Waving BigText generation to enable cartonization driven picking
  • Added Pallet weight option to BOL/Master BOL
  • Added Special Instructions to BOL/Master BOL containing Master/Underlying loads
  • Modified Master BOL screen such that Ship to/from could be changed while consolidating
  • Added Truck Load reference to Pick Ticket (if multiple, only the first one will be used)
  • Added facility to consolidate multiple Truck loads into Master BOL from different Customers
  • Added new Tote Merge handheld feature under Fulfillment/Staging
  • Added Production consumption styles: Recipe vs Work Area
  • Added ability to print carton content immediately after carton label
  • Extended cartonization, pre-assigning sscc18 code on cartonization
  • Added ability to print expected carton content prior to picking based on cartonization results
  • Removed Print Sequence as it was replaced with more efficient printing interleaving
  • Added Default Freight Terms to customer which will propagate to BOL/Master BOL
  • Added Purchase Orders view to a product report
  • Added settings on packsize which controls whether specific packsize is pre packed or not
  • Added additional flag on cartonization profile to allow/disallow packsize mixing
  • Added default LTL carrier to Customer profile
  • Improved grid settings which saves previous sort along with column order and visible columns
  • Added reset grid settings to revert back all settings
  • Added Carton sizes
  • Added Cartonization profiles to customers
  • Added Cartonization functionality
  • Added default tote units of measure
  • Extended Waving functionality to account for cartonized orders
  • Added a way to do Bulk update of Route number on pick tickets
  • Added additional settings to Product master which control and supersede cartonization behavior
  • Changed Production bin assignment to show only bins that are not assigned to other WOs
  • Added minor UI extensions to highlight over ordered inventory
  • Foreground service fix
  • New versioning
  • Added facility to import/export LPN inventory
  • Added facility to import/export tenant configuration
  • Improved Handheld Geo Location service. Location will now update while in sleep
  • Added setting to print labels during production
  • Added label printing on Production with a separate Template
  • Added Pick ticket list to Products screen with Actions
  • Added configuration which controls whether Qty/Date values could be scanned
  • Added support for Master Bill Of lading management
  • Added facility to create User tasks from 'Marked for Cycle Count'
  • Added new Cycle Count flavor - 'Cycle count marked bins'
  • Added ShipToEmail field to PickTickets and added mask (@ShipToEmail) for Email notifications. For e-comm orders
  • Fixed an issue where Lot and Expiry controlled products would not prompt for Expiry properly during Packsize conversion
  • Fixed bugs where Cycle count by Product would not work properly with Packsize controlled products
  • Added two more additional HH screens for Adjustments (Adj in/out by bin/regular)
  • Added pick skipping to Wave and Carton Picking
  • Changed LPN Letdown sequencing from being a config to being a separate HH action
  • Fixed 'Priority' button on Collaboration/User tasks
  • Reworked Non-PO receiving, will now add a PO line to an order with OrderedQty 0
  • Enhanced Print product barcodes on PO/Pick tickets to select which SKUs to print
  • Added Category visibility on Handheld when scanning SKU
  • Added outstanding column to Receiving slip
  • Added Product cycle count
  • Added ability to Generate cycle count reports
  • Added config flag that marks Bins/LPNs for cycle count
  • Added marking a bin for Count on Skipping a pick(configurable)
  • Added marking a bin for Count on Shorting a pick(configurable)
  • Reworked how Cycle count approval works. Now can see deltas during approval
  • Added new config option to control letdown sequence(By SKU/By Bin)
  • Added ability to change Freight type while order is in Rating
  • Added config which controls whether Pick shorting is allowed to Non admins
  • Added config which controls whether Pick skipping is allowed
  • Added config which controls Quantity during Carton picking to avoid system freezing and accidental excessive label printing
  • Added Line selection in Repackaging when same product from different order lines picked to the same tote
  • Added restrictions to prevent allocating/moving product that have pending cycle counts
  • Added facility to build Barcoded values for miscellaneous purposes - Barcode notes
  • Added Warehouse discontinue feature
  • Added additional product refinement for products with same UPC
  • Added WO batch picking - can now pick multiple WOs at the same time
  • Added Production consumable sourcing.Multiple WOs deplete same bin automatically (Ex: Paint)
  • Added Packsize conversion allocation across multiple orders
  • Added additional scans to Packsize convert HH screen for more control
  • Added LPN Staging to dockdoor
  • Added more consolidation options to LPN/Pallets vs Cartons
  • Added Tote move options to/from Floor/Bin/Dock
  • Added License plate move to Dock
  • Added Cycle count approval process
  • Added new Carton Pick handheld function
  • Added Pick Carton to LPN direct
  • Added ability to stage Cartons to LPNs
  • Added additional fields to LPNs to record source PO/Container
  • Added ability to add/remove lines to BOM on WO
  • Created Print Sequence concept for custom compliance label printing - Added Un-Receive PO handheld function
  • Added Non-PO Receiving handheld function
  • Added additional reference fields to Inventory locations
  • Added Notes to Bins
  • Added tagging facility for PickTickets/POs/Returns/WorkOrders/TruckLoads
  • Added facility to create notes for PickTickets/POs/Returns/WorkOrders/TruckLoads/Customers/Vendors/Products/Warehouses
  • Added authenticated Signing to HandHeld
  • Added new allocation styles(Most/Least product first)
  • Added configurable 'Auto pick' option
  • Added audit logging for User logins/logouts
  • Changed how User sessions are tracked, from now on same user cannot login twice
  • Background GPS process.Handheld to send GPS location in the background without the need to run app in foreground
  • Changed decimal precision on various fields from 2 decimal points to 4
  • Working on emitting GPS location silently while app is minimized
  • Added Handheld Geo positioning
  • Added Order tracking
  • Added optional Address verification through Geo coding
  • Added Line feed scan to support non Zebra Android handhelds
  • Changed Pick ticket email notification email to be sent on Ship instead of Close
  • Added import/export of BOL related product details
  • Added Back order support for Fulfillment and Receiving
  • Added ability to Close Not Received POs
  • Added Customer information to RMA report
  • Fixed Po list on Handheld for Inbound Transfers
  • Removed ability to change Customer/Vendor/Warehouse on SO/PO/RMA for more control
  • Added Truck load user/task assignment
  • Added Truck Ticket printing
  • Optimized Ship handheld screens. Errors are shown before any scanning
  • Tote Unstaging process reworked. Totes are fed in sequence and added extra controls
  • General fixes
  • Added Truck Load processing
  • Added Truck load consolidation functionality
  • Added Truck load shipping and BOL generation
  • Added ability to specify Tote type during Waving (Carton/Pallet/Other)
  • Added restrictions to Tote staging based on tote type
  • Added Tote to Dock door movement
  • Added ability to restrict dock door shipping
  • Added Tote staging and dock door movements
  • Reworked Handheld and Fulfillment menu structure
  • Reworked Configuration structure
  • Removed unused configuration settings - Working on features which allow Warehouse to operate without Web
  • Added Pickticket list and ability to pick from list
  • Added ability to Auto-wave pick tickets from HH
  • Added PO list and ability to receive from list
  • Added RMA list and ability to receive from list
  • Added Work Order list and ability to process from list
  • Added ability to modify components on Work Order
  • Added easier UI for managing BOM Products
  • Added automatic production from Pick tickets
  • Added ability to print labels from Custom Actions
  • Reworked how Label templates can be sourced with Data Binding
  • Added ability to specify printer roles
  • Added printer role user matrix
  • Added Info(1,2,3...10) fields to PO/PO line/SO/SO line/RMA/RMA line/WO/Product/User
  • Improved stability for Internet outages
  • Added logout prompt to avoid accidental Logouts
  • Added force update of software on startup
  • Added clearer messages for WH Transfer processing
  • Allowed waving without printing Tote label(for QR scanning)
  • Significantly improved PO download performance
  • Improved stability of Handheld app
  • Further fixes to Messaging on Handheld
  • Improved Messaging UI on Web
  • Product move regression fix
  • Bin move regression fix
  • Added avatar upload to User Profile
  • Added complete Messaging to both Handheld and Web UI
  • Messages are persisted and could be send via Web/HH
  • Users are notified of new messages in real time - Removed 'Back' buttons from Handheld
  • Native Android back should be used instead
  • Fixed Packsize controlled Task assignments
  • Fixed Create/Remove of task assignments on bulk operations
  • Temporarily removed simple messaging
  • Complete messaging is in development
  • Added Task assignments: PickTicket, POs, WOs, Returns
  • Added Directed moves: Product move, Full bin move, LPN move
  • Added Directed Cycle count
  • Added simple messaging to PDT
  • Domain change to app.p4warehouse.com
  • Dependancy upgrades
  • Reworked completely delivery mechanism of on premise workers
  • Fixed tote repackage -> HH New tote button
  • Fixed tote repackage -> Audit record missing Client
  • Added 3PL Billing profiles
  • Added more granular 3PL billing setup
  • Added 3PL billing wizard
  • Adroid 10 and 11 compatibility
  • Added Product bundle support
  • Reworked Reseller billing model
  • Added Customer/Vendor delete
  • Added Email certificate for tenant
  • Added Seal number for shipping
  • Wave picking fixes
  • Added Wave picking
  • Added License agreement signature requirement
  • Domain change to www.p4warehouse.com
  • Added Tenant Cloning/Exporting/Importing
  • Added 'Tote Repackaging' handheld operation
  • Added 'Product locations' handheld menu
  • Changed 3PL Client invoice generation to support canonical UoM
  • Added Custom Actions entry to PickTicket screen
  • Added additional product location logging on Handheld
  • Added ability to Enter Bin instead of Scanning
  • Added configuration which controls above (Business/Handheld/ForceBinLpnScan)
  • Added an ability to use camera for scanning
  • Added 'Next tote' toolbar button on Tote Count screen
  • Added additional statuses PendingShipCount, PendingDeliveryCount
  • Added processes around above new states
  • Updated UnShip process
  • Added support counting multiple tote lines at once
  • Added support for duplicate SKU lines
  • Added SerialPattern functionality for SKUs
  • Reworked how signatures are captured on Handheld
  • Reworked Shipping/Delivery workflow that require signatures
  • Added Customer Returns data entry and processing
  • Added Customer Returns receiving
  • Added Customer Returns photo capture
  • Added Substitute conversion functionality
  • Added Reference to extended product label print
  • Added ability to scan instead of entering numeric values
  • Reworked 3PL billing, added support for SQL based line generation
  • Added Quarantine zone types.Quarantine zones are non allocatable
  • Added UoMs to Product level
  • Changed labeling on Handheld to reflect proper UoM
  • Added an ability to control whether scan are forced or could be entered manually for: Product/Sku, Po, Pick ticket, Work order
  • Reworked Serial Handheld operations
  • Added print Tote content label to handheld
  • Over-receiving fix for Decimal controlled items
  • Decimal control UoM handling fixes
  • Modified how Decimal controlled items are being tracked
  • Added Length Decimal control
  • Added Weight Decimal control
  • Added additional Prompt on Cycle count when completing empty bin
  • Added support for decoder_i2of5 in default P4W DataWedge Profile
  • Added Prompt on Cycle count complete
  • Packsize breakdown will continue to next breakdown for that order
  • Additional information is displayed with Bin Content option
  • Added Packsize breakdown processing for Pending breakdown order
  • Added container receiving
  • Localization fixes causing double translations
  • Added an ability to print labels during receiving
  • Added a standalone menu action to print product labels
  • Product labels include UPC, Lot, Expiry, Serial and Packsize barcodes
  • Added product image capture
  • Fixed localization issues
  • Added version consistency with Cloud app