Shipping Rules

Shipping rules tab allows users to create a preset shipping options that the P4W system will apply newly created pick tickets. This function automates and streamlines the entire shipping process and provide customization for your customer requirements.

Create New Shipping Rule

To access Shipping rules navigate to Fulfillment > Setup > Shipping rules.

To create new rule click 'New' button in the right top corner as shown above. In the following window, fill as much information as possible to increase customizability of the shipping rule.

Notice: Shipping rules has a default that can be edited but cannot be deleted.

Shipping Options

There are four different shipping options available within P4W warehouse management system. Properly setting them up will streamline shipping process in the future.

  • Private Fleet refers to the company owned delivery vehicles. Here users can setup control measures using check boxes as shown below.

  • Truck Load shipping option can be preset with carrier SCAC code and payment type. Use the drop down menu to choose freight charge terms.

  • Small Parcels relies on shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx. This shipping option best suited for E-commerce orders and has many customizable parameters. Fill in as much information as possible.

Select payment type using dropdown menu as shown above. Payment type options are: Prepay, Collect, Consignee, and Third Party.

On the right side users can select special delivery options using check boxes. Availability of said options depend on delivery address and services provided by selected carrier.

  • External shipping option can cover a broad spectrum and does not have specific parameters within 'Shipping Rules' segment.

Notice: All the above settings can be edited during the shipping process if needed. This is a flexible tool in P4W system.

Click 'Submit' button to save your progress.

Shipping Rule Examples

Here is a simple breakdown of the demonstrational shipping rules.

Following rule will assign 'External' shipping method for all orders where customer name is 'WAL1' and it belongs to client '01'.

Similarly, rule 'RL-00004' will be automatically applied when shipping to 'ECOM' customer that belongs to client '02'.

Lastly, rule number 5 will be applied to all orders belonging to client '03', regardless of the customer.

This table provides users with a tool to create fully custom shipping rules to accommodate customer's needs and requirements.

Shipping Rules Hierarchy

When choosing the shipping rule, system utilizes following argument hierarchy:

Ship via -> Zip/Postal Code -> Customer -> Client

Editing Shipping Rules

To edit an existing shipping rule, either click on the link from the 'Code' column or the 'Edit' button next to desired selection.

Copying an existing rule will create an identical rule under the new code. This function can be useful in case of different Zip/Postal codes under the same customer.

Deleting Shipping Rules

To delete an existing shipping rule select the corresponding check box on the left and click 'Delete' button as shown below.

Notice: 'Default' shipping rule cannot be deleted.

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