Master Truck Loads

Master truckload is very similar to regular truck load shipping. However, it is designed to consolidate various truck loads/BOLs in order to send them to one big distribution center from which individual pallets will be subsequently be sent to the final recipient.

Individual pallets can have different final destinations as long as the customer on every separate truck load is the same. See the image below.

In this example, one truck load have a different ship to address, but as long as it belongs to the same customer, all three truck loads can be consolidated in one Master Truck Load.

Notice: Consolidating truckloads with different customers will prompt a system error and will prevent a process.

P4W system will generate Master bill of Landing for the entire shipment in addition to individual BOLs for every pallet from the order. After the pallets are ready and consolidated, users can start a process of creating a master truck load.

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