Active Handhelds

Following section allows administrative users to monitor actions of the warehouse employees on the mobile devices. To access a window displaying active handheld sessions, navigate to Setup > System > Active handhelds.

Handheld Screen Utilities

Handheld screens window displays all active mobile devices registered in your system. Click 'Refresh' button in the top right corner if an active handheld user if missing from the list.

Use a search bar to navigate through multiple handheld operators.

Administrator Remote Controls

Users with administrative access can remotely control active handheld devices. Click on the user icon in the top left corner to switch to user details page in the new tab.

Timer underneath employee initials indicates the duration of the user's current session.

To update the view of the mobile device, click 'Refresh' icon of the chosen device as shown below.

Notice: Handheld screens are automatically refresh every 30 seconds.

Administrators can remotely logout handheld operators out of their mobile devices. Click 'Exit' button as shown below.

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