Tag List

Tag list function is used when one or more orders are waiting for bulk storage to be broken down. During allocation process, web dispatcher can group these orders under the same tag, this allows a single LPN (bulk storage) letdown to fulfill multiple pick tickets at once.

'Pick ticket Tags' on the handheld device will list all available entries grouped by the tag (T1 and T2 in this instance).

Follow the handheld instructions to complete a letdown operation.

Step 1

After selecting an item for letdown process, follow directions generated by your handheld device as shown below.

Step 2

Step 3

Enter the product quantity specified in the letdown instructions as shown above.

Step 4

Scan the bin in which you want to store previously selected product.


When the pick ticket has no more pending letdowns, order can be picked by warehouse employees. Order state changed from 'Pending Letdown' to 'Ready To Pick'.

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