Substitute Conversion

Substitute Conversion is a P4W function that is designed to make the clean conversion from one SKU to a different one.

In this case, a bin contains mineral oil measured in liters (1000 L). However, customer requires 4 bottles of mineral oil measuring 750 ml each (total of 3000 ml in bottles). Assuming that warehouse has a possibility to bottle liquid products, Substitute Conversion is able to transform 3 liters of mineral oil into 4 bottles of 750 ml each (as long and both products (SKUs) belong to the same substitution category).

To start conversion process, navigate to Floor > Inventory and select 'Substitute conversion' option.

Step 1

Scan 'Convert request' label provided by the web dispatcher to begin the process. Follow system generated instruction to complete conversion.

Step 2

Step 3

Scan product you wish to consume for conversion.

Step 4

Enter quantity of product to consume according to the conversion request instructions.

Step 5

Scan a bin where you wish to store converted goods.

Step 6

Scan the end product barcode (Bottle of mineral Oil in this conversion case).

Step 7

Enter quantity of the end product.


As a result, 3 liters of mineral oil has been converted into 4 bottles of 750 ml each and stored in the new bin.

Notice: substitute conversion can also be done between difference units of measurements. For example: Liters (L) to milliliters (ML), or pounds (lbs.) to kilos (Kg) etc.

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