Setup Printers

Notice: before printers can be setup, Printing Agent must be installed. Refer to Printer Agent guide.

If the 'Printer Agent' is installed, navigate to Setup > Printing > Printers.

Default Printer

Select your default printer using toggle switches on the left side of the printers grid.

Notice: only one printer can be default choice.

Printer Role Assignment

To assign printing role (i.e. printing carrier labels, letdown tickets, production order, etc.) click a 'Key' button from the 'Action' column next to the chosen printer.

From the 'Printer role mapping' window, select all the roles you wish to assign to the current printer. For example, Zebra label printer can be used to print License Plates, Carrier Labels, Substitute Instruction Labels. While laser or inkjet printer can be assigned to print Packslip Pdfs, Bill Of Landing Pdfs, and Commercial Invoice Pdfs.

Notice: click 'Submit' button to save printer's role assignment.

For more detailed information about Vendor Settings see the following link - Printer Setup.

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