Create a User

Creating New Users

In P4 Warehouse there are two type of users.

  • Web Dispatcher, the web dispatcher uses a computer and a web browser to manage the flow in and out of the warehouse. The web dispatcher also controls the workflow of the PDT users.

  • PDT (Portable Data Terminal) user, the PDT user is an employee out in the warehouse executing the instructions set to them by the Web Dispatcher. These are the employees that physically receive Purchase Order and RMA's, pick and ship outbound orders, Cycle Count inventory, etc. PDT is a mobile device typically equipped with a barcode scanner.

To create a new user navigate to Setup > System > Users and click on the 'New' button on the top right side of the window.

In the following user's details window fill as many fields as possible and click 'Submit'.

Notice: 'Username' and 'Role' fields are mandatory for filling.

To finalize user creation you need to set a password for the new user. Click on the link of the preferred user from the 'User' column to open the edit widow.

In the following window you can edit multiple settings about the user including: password, permissions, assign zones and warehouses, personal information, modules and many more.

In order to complete a quick new user setup you need to set a password and click 'Update' button.

Notice: For more detailed information about user setup please see the following link - Create New User.

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