Packsize Convert

'Packsize convert action allows users to convert a packsize from larger to smaller type and vice versa.

In the following case, two box containing 10 units of product is converted into four packs of 5 units each.

To start the conversion process, select 'Packsize convert' option from the 'Inventory' folder. Follow system generated instruction to complete pack size conversion.

Step 1

Scan location of the product.

Step 2

Scan the product in question.

Step 3

From the list of available packsizes, select the pack size in which product is currently stored. In this case it is a pack of 10 units (x10).

Step 4

Scan a new storage location.

Step 5

From the list, select new desired pack size. In this case it is packs of 5 units (x5).

Step 6

Finally, enter quantity of how many new packsizes you wish to produce. In this case it will be 2 packs.


Packsizes have been successfully converted.

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