Customers page features a listing of all the customers available within the P4W system.

Create New Customer

To create new customer navigate to Fulfillment > Setup > Customers and click 'New' button in the top right corner as shown below.

In the following window fill as much customer information as possible.

  • Client selection field is only used for multi-Company or 3PL operations. If these options are not setup previously the dropdown menu will be empty.

Notice: Clients are assigned during the initial customer setup and cannot be edited later. Each customer could be assigned to only one client at a time.

  • Customer number is a mandatory field and will be used in various areas of the P4 Warehouse System.

  • Company name field is reserved for the customer's actual name. It can very from the customer number.

  • Last field is reserved for custom descriptions[

To finalize new customer creation click 'Submit' button as shown above.

Add/Edit Customer's information

To add or edit existing customer information select if from 'Customer Number' column on a customer list page.

Customer Settings

Following window provides multiple parameters to setup your customers. See the detailed explanation below.


Here user can add or edit general information (e.g., Email, Phone, Contact person, etc.) about the chosen customer.

Using the dropdown menu select cartonization profile if needed.


Addresses section allows user to add one or more addresses for the customer. Click 'Add' button to setup up new address.

Enter, remove, or add any address details in the various fields as desired. Notice that 'Name' is a mandatory field for filling.

At the top of the Address Details pop-up window is an option for Default (with a check box) for choosing this address as the default address for this customer.

Once finished, click “Submit” button at the bottom right corner to complete the address.

To delete an address, click the button from the Action column for corresponding address.

Bill To

Use the following segment to setup billing address for 3rd party payments or simply when your customer wish to use a different billing address.

Click 'Update' button in the top right corner to save your changes.

Document Printing

Setup printed disclaimers in accordance with your customer's need and requirements.

Add or remove customer's Company Logo by using corresponding buttons as shown above.

Users can also upload custom packslips, proforma invoices, and RMAs by clicking corresponding link in the document printing section of customer configuration window.


Following segment allows users to setup inbound/outbound expiry dates and some automation processes for a specific customer.

  • Product Expiry Allowance shows when the customer does not want any item that expires within the time chosen. For example, customer doesn't want to ship any items that will expiry in less than two months (60 days).

  • Auto print Packslip on ship, BOL on sign, and backorder generation are inherited from the tenant settings. Users can modify these automation function for chosen customers by using dropdown menu. This will only affect current customer and not the entire system.

Customer Additional Details

P4W system provides additional fields for customer's information that is not specified in previous segments.

To save your progress click 'Update' button in the top right corner.

Notice: Changes are not saved automatically.

Delete Customer

To delete existing customer navigate to customer list, check the box next to the selected item, and click 'Delete' button as shown below.

Customer General Configuration

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