Following action allows handheld users to ship totes and pallets while using 'External' and 'Private Fleet' shipping methods. Navigate to Fulfillment > Shipping Pick tickets. Select 'Ship' option to begging the process.

Step 1

Scan the tote label.

Step 2

Sequentially, fill out the information about Driver, Vehicle, and Seal ID in the corresponding fields. Users also can take a photo of the shipment from the following window. (click 'Picture' to take a photo).

Step 3

If the information is correct, click 'Yes' to finish the process.


This order has been shipped and now is on the way to the customer. Pick ticket state has changed from 'Rating' to 'Shipped'. After the delivery is confirmed this pick ticket will be closed and moved to history folder.

Notice: A closing procedure for shipped pick ticket can be automated in system configurations.

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