1. Print Labels - indicates whether labels should be printed during waving. Alternatively, labels could be reprinted from other screens (ex: Tote list).

  2. Sscc Packaging Type - default packaging type for SSCC-18 generation.

  3. Sscc Global Company Id - GS1 Company Prefix (7 digits). Used in SSCC-18 generation unless one setup on a 3PL client.

  4. Wave Number Prefix - this is a fully customizable field.

  5. Multi Zone Waving - indicates whether multi zone waving is enabled. If selected, a tote label will be printed for each zone to a zone defined printer.

  6. Default Carton Size Name - name of the Carton size to be used during manual waving without cartonization. Also this carton will be used when printing from the handheld.

  7. Default Tote Type - type of picking tote. Available options are:

    • Carton - can be staged into a Pickable bin.

    • Pallet - can be staged into a Bulk bin.

    • Other - cannot be staged at all.

  8. Number of Cartons - number of cartons to generate per Pick ticket.

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