Bulk Inventory

Bulk inventory lists all LPNs currently stored in the warehouse. Navigate to Analytics > Inventory > Bulk Inventory.

Similar to inventory, administrative users can initiate LPN move using 'Action' button.

Assignment process is identical to the previously discussed one in the 'inventory' section.


Bulk inventory page provides 3 functions related to LPN management: Cycle count, Generate LPNs, and Print LPNs.

Cycle Count

In order to initiate LPN cycle count, make a selection using check box marks and click 'Cycle count' button in the top right corner.

Assign a user to complete the cycle count.

Generate LPNs

This action will generate and print new LPN labels for pallets. System will automatically generate the number to avoid duplicates. Click 'Generate LPNs' button in the top right corner.

Input the required number of label in the 'Generate' pop-up window.

Click 'Submit' to continue.

This action will reprint labels for already existing LPNs. Select required pallet with a check box mark and click 'Print LPNs' button in the top right corner.

Set a printer and number of copies required. Click 'Submit' to continue.

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