Product Letdown by Bin

Like "LPN Letdown by Bin" the "Product Letdown by Bin" is the process that will direct users to letdown products to a pickable area. The difference is that pallet is not involved in this process, handheld operators simply moving product from overstock bins directly to pickable bins.

To initiate a process, select 'Product Letdown by bin' option from the 'Bulk' folder and scan the letdown ticket provided by web dispatcher. Follow system generated instruction to complete letdown process.

Step 1

Step 2

Scan an LPN from which the product will be retrieved.

Step 3

Scan product label.

Step 4

Enter product quantity being moved.

Step 5

Scan a pickable destination bin for selected products.


Required quantity of product has been moved from the pallet (LPN) directly to the pickable location (bin).

Notice: unlike with LPN letdown, LPN00000021 is still intact and is located in the overstock storage location.

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