Navigate to Setup > System > Translations.

The Translations page allows the user to create language localization for all literals in the P4W warehouse management system. Literals are the descriptive text for all menus, pages and options in the WMS. The Language is in English by default. Select the option for Spanish in the Language section and the list of Values on the right-hand side of the page will display all Spanish-language translations for each literal. Type within the Value option of each literal to customize as needed. Use the Search option to find a particular literal from the list. The list is extensive, currently hundreds of entries long. The “Import” button allows the user to import a list of literal translations from a spreadsheet file on your computer while the “Export” button will allow the user to export a file of all the current translations in the WMS.

Notice: In the event you need to add a language that is not listed please contact your P4 Warehouse Partner to get this language added.

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