Full Pack Picking

Full Pack picking is designed to pick full boxes for bulk shipping, where each box requires individual label with SSCC - 18 code.

Notice: This method of picking requires pre-printed LPN labels to complete this process.

Using this method of of picking, web dispatcher does not need to wave the order, simply apply the tag to a pick ticket and print the label to start the picking. The appropriate labels for individual boxes will print as needed. This style can be "picked" by several people at once.

Notice: While using 'Full Pack Picking' pick ticket state should be - 'Ready to Pick'.

To start a full pack pick, navigate to Fulfillment > Picking > Full Pack Picking using your handheld device.

Scan pre-printed picking label to start the process.

Continue to follow instruction at the bottom of your handheld device.

Enter the quantity equal to each box that is being picked. System will generate a label for each individual box.

Now, using the pre-printed LPN label, choose a pallet in which you want to add the selected products.

Select a storage spot for your pallet.

Repeat these steps until no more picks left.

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