Cartonization profiles

Cartonization is the process where the P4 Warehouse system decides what will be packed into each box. Depending on the box size and weight limits the system will decide how many boxes you will need and what sizes.

Cartonization Profile setup provides a tool to create different profiles depending on the compliance regulations of your client or small parcel carrier (e.g., FedEx has a 150lb weight limit per box).

Create New Profile

To create a new profile navigate to Fulfillment > Setup > Cartonization profiles and click 'New' button as shown below.

In the following window fill as many information fields as possible.

Notice: Name field and carton size selections are mandatory.

  • Assign a name that is easily understandable.

  • SKU mixing indicates whether it is allowed to combine different SKUs (products) in one carton.

  • Packsize mixing indicates whether it is allowed to combine different pack sizes (e.g., packs and singles) in one carton.

  • Choose preferred units of measurement (Kg, Gr, Lb, Oz) using dropdown menu.

  • From the size window select all the sizes that are applicable to the cartonization profile.

Click 'Submit' to save you progress.

Remember: Cartonization profile is used during the Customer setup process.

Edit Cartonization Profile

To edit existing profile click the link from the 'Name' column as shown below.

In the profile details window add or update desired information and click 'Submit' to save changes.

Delete Cartonization Profile

Select a profile you wish to delete from the left column and click 'Delete' button as shown below.

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