LPN Letdown by Bin

LPN Letdown by Bin is the process where a handheld operator moves an LPN from an overstock bin to a pickable location.

From the 'Bulk' folder select 'LPN Letdown by bin' option and scan the letdown ticket provided by a web dispatcher. Follow system generated instruction to complete the process.

Step 1

Step 2

Scan LPN.

Step 3

Choose a pickable location where you wish to move product from the selected LPN.


Product from the selected LNP have been moved into a pickable bin and are now ready to be picked to fulfill pick ticket number PCK-0000101.

Notice: after the 'LPN letdown by Bin' process is completed bulk storage bin 'B-4-001' will be empty and LPN number 'LNP00000021' can be reused to store new products in overstock location.

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