In the 'General' tab users can add and update some basic information about their company and access license certificates and agreement.


  • Alias and Company name are set by the implementation team and cannot be changed by the end user.

  • Add you company's primary phone number.

  • Choose a preferred language using the dropdown menu as shown above.


Add or edit your company's address in the section shown below.

Complete all of the fields or your Packslips and Labels will have missing data.


  • Expiry field indicates when is your current P4W license runs out.

  • Users field shows how many users can utilize P4W system simultaneously.

  • Links above allows user to view and email certificate, or access license agreement.

Document printing

P4W provides an option for users to upload their own custom document for printing including: Custom Packslip, Custom Commercial Invoice, Custom Proforma invoice, Custom RMA, Custom Receiving slip, Custom 3PL Invoice.

To upload a custom printing document, click the 'Upload...' link and select a file from your local machine.

Notice: click 'Update' button to save changes.

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