Wave picking is an order picking systems used in warehouses to improve efficiency. It involves releasing specific orders to the floor for fulfillment, based on a common factor such as shipping date, like items, warehouse zone, etc. Wave picking helps teams to meet specific commitments, such as filling a set number of orders per shift or meeting a shipping deadline.

Manual waving is done via the Pick ticket menu and can be done as a single order or a group wave can be done from Pick tickets list.

Single Pick Ticket Wave

From the chosen pick ticket window click 'Wave' button as shown below.

Notice: Only Pick Tickets in a 'Ready to Pick' state can be waved for further picking process.

From the pop-up window select best fitting options for the chosen order.

  • Print Labels checkbox indicates whether labels should be printed during waving. Alternatively, labels could be reprinted from other screens (i.e. Tote list).

  • SSCC Type selection contains packaging types for SSCC-18 (The Serial Shipping Container Code) generation. The options are: Case Or Carton, Pallet, Intra Company Use, and Undefined.

  • Tote Type - pick a suitable tote type. Use drop down menu to select between: carton, pallet, or other option.

  • Size - select desirable carton size. Size options are set in fulfillment setup tab (Fulfillment > Setup > Carton sizes).

  • Zone Picking - if the zone picking in enabled, a tote label will be printed for each zone to a zone defined printer. Otherwise users can manually select the number of tote labels that will be printed from a select device.

Zone Picking Enabled

If the zone picking enable, select printing details for each available zone. Use drop down menu to select a printer and set number of cartons and label copies (per carton)

Zone Picking Disabled

After all wave selection are done, click 'Submit', as shown above, to continue picking process.

Pick ticket state has changed from 'Ready to Pick' to 'Waved' and a Totes section is now visible.

Notice: A tote label can either be a box label or a pallet label depending on how you ship. An example would be a company shipping eCommerce orders, every box is going to a different customer, in this case the tote label is applied to every box.

Multiple Pick Ticket Wave

To wave multiple pick tickets at once navigate to pick ticket list and select desired orders from the grid as shown below.

After order selection is complete, click on 'Label Printing' menu and choose 'Wave' option.

In the pop-up window, select suitable settings and click 'Submit' to continue picking process.

Waved State

When the ticket is in 'Waved' state it is ready to be picked by the warehouse employees using handheld devices.

On the web interface side, waved pick tickets get couple new functions. First is - 'Unwave' button that will undo the previous waving step.

Second is 'Auto pick'. This action will automatically reduce inventory without physical scans.

Warning: Auto pick operation should only be used during training or by trained personnel only!

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