Bulk Shipping

Bulk shipping consist of two steps: Allocation and Shipping.


Select all applicable orders in "Unallocated" status and click 'Allocate' button as shown below.

In the pop up window set allocation details and click 'Submit' to continue.

These orders are now in a 'Ready to Pick' state and are ready to be shipped in bulk from the e-comm dashboard.

Bulk Shipping

Select applicable orders ('Ready to Pick' state) and chose a caton size as shown below.

Click 'Ship' in the top right corner of the e-comm dashboard.

In the 'Small Parcel' pop-up window, make sure that shipping configurations are correct and click 'Ship'. This will initiate a shipping process for all selected orders (5 orders in this demonstration case).

In the pop-up window click 'Confirm' button to continue.

System will automatically select cheapest shipping rate available and will produce labels for each package.

This method allows users to significantly expedite shipping process for e-commers single line orders.

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