Truck Load | Manual

If truck load information is correct, click 'Consolidate' button in top right corner to start a process.

After the state of the load is changed from 'Draft' to 'Consolidating', LPNs can be added to the current truck load. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Add' button to select desired LPNs.

Tote/Pallet selection window will contain all the available positions users can add to the truck load. Make your selection using check boxes and click 'Add selected', or press 'Add all' to select all the available options.

Notice: Only cartons with the same destination address can be added to the same truck load. Different ship to address cannot be mixed on the same truck load.

To remove one of the cartons, select the corresponding checkbox and click 'Remove' button as shown below.

Notice: if tote belongs to a pallet/LPN, the whole pallet/LPN will be removed.

Before staging a truck load, make sure that correct dock doors are assigned to the shipment. This selection is important for further processing steps.

Notice: If the 'Dock door' field is empty, system will prevent you from moving pallets to the loading area (dock doors).

After all the selections are done, users can stage the truck load to prepare it for shipping. Click the 'Stage' button in the top right corner of the window.

Alternatively, truck load can be returned to draft state if changes to the load details are required or in order to delete the truck load entirely. Click 'To Draft' button to change the truck load state back to draft.

Finally, truck load can be added to master truck load to become a part of much bigger order. Click 'To master truck load' as shown below.

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