Create a Warehouse

Warehouse is a facility for storing goods. It is usually a large building in industrial parks on the outskirts of cities and towns, however warehouses can differ in size and locations according to the nature of the business.

Principal warehouse activities include receipt of product, storage, shipment, order picking, and sometimes production.

Creating New Warehouse

Reminder: if P4Warehouse is integrated to an ERP then the warehouse codes need to match the ERP. Consult with your P4 Warehouse Partner prior to setting up the warehouses.

Navigate to Setup > Warehouse > Warehouses

From the Warehouses tab you can see all your existing warehouses and create new ones. To create a new warehouse press 'New' blue button in the top right corner.

Fill out the warehouse 'Code', 'Name', and 'Description' fields if applicable. Note that 'Code' field is mandatory.

Press 'Submit' button to finalize your new Warehouse generation.

Notice: If you don't see your newly added warehouses clear browser cache and press 'Refresh' button in the top right corner.

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