Shipping Details

Shipping section includes user assignment function, shipping method selection and setting of delivery dates.

To assign a user for current pick ticket click 'Assign...' link and choose the user from the pop-up window.

To set delivery date for the pick ticket use calendar buttons as shown below.

Notice: Shipping rules are only applied to pick tickets received through your ERP system. Implementation team needs to setup integration between P4W and user's ERP system.

P4W supports four different shipping methods. Different options provide different information fields. Use the drop down menu to select preferred shipping method.

Truck Load

Truck load shipping option is used for large shipments, usually containing multiple LPNs and different SKUs. Users can set appointment number and date when using truck load shipping method. Click on calendar button to set appointment date.

Private Fleet

Private fleet shipping method is meant to be used when shipping with delivery vehicles that belong to your company. P4W can manage the delivery to the end user complete with GPS order tracking, delivery photos, and customer signature.

Use the drop down menu to select Dock door and use the check boxes to set control measures.

Notice: 'Count on ship' and 'Count on Delivery' operations are done using 'Tote Counting' action from android handheld device (Fulfillment > Staging > Tote Counting).

Small Parcel

This shipping method is mostly design for E-commerce and small orders. Small parcels requires integration with a shipping carriers (i.e. FedEx, UPS, etc.). Use dropdown menus to select carrier and service as shown below.

Click 'More...' to access additional services that are available for small parcel shipping method.

In the pop-up window there are several delivery options that include: Residential delivery, Saturday pickup and delivery, Signature requirement, and return label printing. Mark a checkbox next to the delivery option you wish to apply.

P4W system supports 4 payment types when using small parcel shipping. Use the drop down menu as shown below.

To save your selections, click 'Submit' button as shown below.

Notice: Changes do not saved automatically.

'Copy to totes...' function will overwrite all shipping settings on existing totes from the current ticket. This is a useful feature that allows users to quickly update an order with multiple totes. Click 'Submit' to continue.

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External shipping option is reserved for any other shipping method that is not listed in P4W system.

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