Adding Lines

Similarly to pick tickets and purchase orders, lines contains products that are involved in the production process. Both as consumables and a finished goods. There are 2 ways to add lines in P4W system

Manual Selection

To add products manually, click 'Add Line' button and make a selection from the pop-up list. Set product quantities in the corresponding column

During manual product selection, users must select both consumables and projected producible goods and quantities.

After the selection is complete, the production order is ready to be released to floor for further processing.


Alternatively, users can utilize 'Template' button to automatically add both consumables and producible to a production work order.

Notice: To use this method, warehouse must contain products with a BOM (Bill of Material) attribute.

P4W provides two templates: Assemble BOM and Disassemble BOM. First one better suits for traditional production like a bicycle or a table assembly. While latter is designed for sorting out palettes (LPNs) that contains multiple products.

After choosing a template, select a producible product and quantity in the 'Assembly' pop-up window. Click 'Submit' to continue.

After that, P4W system will automatically populate 'Lines' for both consumables and producible fields, including sufficient quantity of the raw materials/parts.

Production order is now ready to be released to floor for further processing.

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