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Pending Purchase Order Page Overview

To access Pending POs page navigate to Receiving > Pending POs

Functional Buttons

Data Entry

'Data entry' dropdown menu provides three actions:

  • 'New' to create new purchase order.

  • 'To Draft' changes qualifying purchase order status back to draft.

  • 'Import' allows users to import multiple purchase order from a different system using excel spreadsheet document.


Receiving folder contains four operations:

  • 'Release to floor' moves a PO out of draft status and makes it an active task that can be processed further.

  • 'Print receive tickets' create a physical tickets to be used by warehouse employees during receiving process. Only tickets in 'Not Received' state can produce receive tickets.

  • 'Print product barcodes' produces labels for products contained in selected purchase order.

  • 'Close' option changes PO status to close after products are received and stored. Only received purchase orders can be transferred to 'close' state.

Task Assignment

This function simply allows to assign or unassigned operator for selected purchase order.


Last folder contains a number of useful functions:

  • 'Apply tag' option create a custom tag that helps to track and sort purchase orders. Each order can have up to 5 separate tags

  • 'Bulk update' is a function that applies while working with tens and hundreds of orders at the same time. Parameters for bulk updates are setup in the system configuration menu.

  • 'Print tags' produces a physical label for chosen tags.

  • 'Email' is used for sending email notification to a third party.

  • 'Delete' selected PO from the list. Only purchase orders in 'draft' state can be deleted.

  • 'Clone' option creates an identical copy of selected PO under automatically generated number and 'draft' state.


Refresh button allows users to refresh only purchase order grid without refreshing the entire page (this operation takes less time than full page reload).

Purchase Orders Grid

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