Workflow Mapping

Production Workflow allows the order to be tracked through the different stages of the production process.

To start new workflow, use CTRL + Left Click anywhere in the workflow map section.

Notice: Workflow steps can be rearranged by holding Left Click and dragging the icons.

To create next step, select current step (name of selected step will be highlighted by bold text) and use Right Click. System will create new step and a transition link automatically.

Notice: Currently selected steps or transitions are reflected on the right side of the workflow details page.

Notice: Steps and Transition Links can be added and deleted separately.

Transitions between steps does not have to be unidirectional. In case of a quality assurance (QA) step, system allows to revert the flow of the process back to previous (or alternative) step in order to fix the issue.

Notice: Make sure to provide proper Names and Description for each step to make a workflow more comprehensible for the end user.

Additionally, link between two process there can be data captured. For example, when a product fails inspection and is moved to the disposal area, a reason for the failure can be captured. This will help to determine the cause of failure and can help to increase productivity going forward.

Finally, a single workflow can only have one starting and one ending point.

Notice: Click 'Save' to apply changes.

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