Shipping Details Overview

Click on the link SSCC-18 link of the desired tote. Pop-up window will contain shipping details like carrier, package dimension, ship to address and more.

Carrier and Service Selection

If the system is set with shipping rules, carrier and service type will be automatically selected. Users can manually change both carrier and service by choosing desired options from the drop down menu as shown below.

Notice: Selection of Carriers and Services depends on the implementation process. Ask your PW4 reseller for more details.

Click To set additional small parcel shipping options like payment type, residential address, return label, and more. See the picture below

In the pop-up window, users can select payment type using dropdown menu and set additional delivery options (i.e. Residential address, Saturday pickup, Saturday delivery, Signature required, and print return label).

Collect, Third Party, and Consignee payment options add additional field ('Account number') and 'Bill to Section'.

After all the selections are complete, click 'Submit' button in the bottom right corner to save changes.

From and To Addresses

Shipper address is taken from the warehouse settings. Ship to address is automatically taken from the pick ticket information.

Both addresses can be edited in the following window. Click 'Override' button, as shown below, to change either address.

Edit corresponding address in the pop-up window and click 'Submit' button to save changes.

Parcel Dimensions

Make sure that parcel dimensions are filled. Incorrect dimensions field might cause an error while searching for potential carrier rates.

System will populate Length, Width, and Height fields according to carton size on the chosen pick ticket. Weight must be filled in by a user.

Notice: Carton sizes are set in the Fulfillment Setup section of P4W system.

Dimension fields above can be manually altered by users if needed. Alternatively, shipping station in the physical warehouse can be setup with 4D scale to automatically populate dimensions of the parcel.

Notice: Changes made in the shipping station section will only affect current tote. These changes are not transferable to other totes, even from the same pick ticket.

Printer Selection

Using the drop down menu, select a printer you wish to print shipping labels on. Recommended practice is to equip physical shipping station location with a printer to streamline the process.

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