Lines section is where products are added to pick ticket. To add new item to the pick ticket, click 'Add Line' button.

From the pop-up window select the Sku of the required product and set the desired quantity as shown below.

Notice: When adding new line to the pick ticket, system will only list products that are associated with the chosen customer. Make sure that your products are set correctly before creating new pick tickets.

To edit or delete a line use the corresponding buttons in the 'Action column'. When editing line details remember to click 'Submit' button to save changes.

Once Pick ticket entry is complete users can release ticket to floor to and start allocating product for the order.

In the pop-up window click 'Confirm' to continue.

Notice: Releasing pick ticket without 'Lines' will prompt a system generated error.

Multiple pick tickets can be released to floor simultaneously from the pick ticket list page.

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