Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack is designed for normal warehouse picking. Handheld 'Pick & Pack' and 'Wave picking' are similar concepts, except Wave Picking (batch picking) allows warehouse employees to pick various orders at once.

After an order is Allocated and Waved, P4W system will generate and print at least one pick label (Tote Label) that will be used by a handheld device user to complete a picking operation.

Picking Process

To initiate 'Pick & Pack' operation use a handheld android device. From the main page navigate to Fulfillment > Picking > Pick & Pack.

Scan previously printed picking label and continue to follow picking instruction generated by your handheld device at the bottom of the screen.

Shorting a Pick

If the designated picking location (bin) is empty or missing the required quantity of product, handheld users can short current picking step. Depending on the system settings, system will either stop the picking process or progress it to the next available step.

In addition, P4W system will automatically assign a cycle count operation to the shorted bin in order to make necessary adjustments to the warehouse stock level.

Notice: Bins pending a cycle count will not be available for future allocation purposes until the cycle count is complete and approved by a warehouse manager.

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