Tote is a box small enough to be picked up by hand and easily moved around the warehouse to store goods during the picking process.

To access the tote list within P4W system, navigate to Fulfillment > Totes as shown below.

Notice: Only orders in 'Waved' and 'Rating' state can have open totes, therefore only these orders will be available in the grid above.

Tote detailed information can be accessed by clicking on the SSCC-18 hyperlink. As picks are processed the content section will be populated and Content labels can be printed.

Additionally, system automatically generate commercial invoice for each tote. From the tote details page, click 'Commercial invoice' as shown below.

Functional Buttons

From the tote list page users have access to five functions related to totes.

Using these buttons, users can:

  • Reprint tote labels for chosen positions.

  • Content labels prints a list of products for selected tote.

  • Print a carrier label if applicable.

  • Carrier pickup is a function that helps to monitor which totes have been physically pickup by a carrier. Using 'Carrier pickup' function will change pick ticket state from 'Rating' to 'Shipped'. Using 'Carrier pickup' will also populate 'Pickup manifest' column of the chosen tote.

Notice: System configuration can automate certain steps of the shipping process if needed.

  • Refresh button will reload totes grid without reloading the entire webpage.

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