Product Bundles Setup

Product bundle is a simple way to combine multiple products under one SKU. This can be useful for running a special promotion or just dealing with products that consist or multiple sub-products.

To create new product bundles navigate to Setup > Product Bundles and click 'New' button as shown below.

In the Product bundle details window fill as much information as possible. SKU field is mandatory for new bundle creation. Click 'Submit' to finalize the process.

From the Bundle page users can add/edit bundle's information including: UPC, Category, and Description. Both SKU and Client are set during initial bundle creation and cannot be edited later. Click 'Add' button from the 'Contents' section to add product to newly created bundle.

To set sub-products for your product bundle click 'Add' button, choose desired products from the list and select quantity needed.

Similarly to regular product, users can choose to upload an image for the product bundle and access full change log by using 'Changes...' link.

Click 'Update' to save changes.

Users can either export or import product bundles in the form of Microsoft Excel file.

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