• Zones to Include - comma separated list of zones to include in allocation process (i.e. A1,B1,C1).

  • Work Area Zones - comma separated list of zones to include for work area (i.e. A1,B2,C3).

  • Expiry Allowance - minimum number of days to be allowed on an expiry product to b allocated. This option is overridden by a customer settings.

  • Auto Assign Work Area - whether to automatically assign work area. First empty bin will be used in work area zones will be assigned.

  • Allocation Style - selection of allocation behaviour. Options include:

    • FIFO - first in, first out

    • LIFO - last in, first out

    • BinName - based on alphanumeric bin sorting.

    • Most Product First - attempts to consume product from bin/lpn with most quantity of product first

    • Least Product First - attempts to consume product from bin/lpn with least quantity of product first

  • Short Options - selection for short behaviour. Options include:

    • Pick Short - will allow shipping shorted orders

    • Hold Short - does not release order for picking but reserves the stock

  • Expiry Allocation Precedence - expiry controlled items override allocation style. Options include: No Precedence, Oldest First, Newest First.

  • Lot Allocation Style - lot controlled items allocation style. Options include: Alphabetical, Max Qty First, Min Qty First, Inherit.

  • Allow Partial Lots - allow partial lot allocation. If enabled, the system will allow multiple lots to be picked.

  • Obey Zone Sequence - whether zone sequence setup on Allocation screen should be enforced during allocation (i.e. Zones A, B, C will enforce stock to be first allocated from zone A then B then C).

  • Allocate bulk - include LPNs in Bulk Zones during allocation to pick/replenish from.

  • Hold Letdown - whether to hold order for Letdown.

  • Packsize Breakdown - whether to issue packsize breakdown requests and hold order.

  • Allocate Eaches - whether to allow allocating eaches for packsize controlled items.

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