Bins Detailed Overview

The storage bin is the smallest available unit of space in a warehouse. The storage bin therefore describes the position in the warehouse where the goods are or can be stored.

Add New Bins

To add new bins navigate to Setup > Warehouse > Zones and select the desired zone from the 'Code' column.

There are two ways to add new bins to the warehouse zone. First, is to create a single bin with a unique name - 'Generate by Name'. Second, is to generate multiple bins using Zone Mask Feature - 'Generate Bins'.

Generate by Name

This method allows user to create a single bin with a unique name.

To finalize single bin generation fill the 'Bin code' field and click 'Submit'. To go back to the Bins overview click 'Close'. Now you should see your newly generated bin.

Generate Bins

To generate multiple bins at once use Zone Mask feature and click on the 'Generate Bins' button.

In the following window users can set the amount of generated bins by aisles and levels.

To finalize bins generation press 'Submit'.

To access newly generated bins, navigate to Setup > Warehouse > Bins.

Alternatively users can replace bins numeric order with alphabet using the same Zone Mask settings. Uncheck the 'Numeric' box and set up the desired range in the Bins Generator menu.

As the result, the following bins have been created in the chosen zone.

To print labels for existing bins, use check boxes to select chosen bins and click 'Print' button as shown below.

In the pop-up window, select label printer and set number of copies you wish to produce. Click 'Print' to continue.

Bins Editing

To edit existing bin navigate to Setup > Warehouse > Bins. Click on the link of the desired bin in the 'Code' column from the grid.

In the following window users can edit multiple settings of the bin. This option creates flexibility to customize individual bins without affecting the entire zone of the warehouse.

Notice: By default, all bins inherit setting from their respective zone.

Bin Details

  • Bin code: name of the bin in the system.

  • Sequence number: can be used to streamline picking order for virtual warehouse in order to accommodate warehouses physical setup.

  • Notes: field for custom notes concerning specific bin.

  • Allowed Categories: users can list product categories that are permitted in current bin. By default, the field is empty and all product categories are permitted for storage. Changing this field will override zone settings.

  • Warehouse: shows which warehouse this bin belongs to. Link will transfer users to warehouse overview window.

  • Zone: shows which zone this bin belongs to. Link will transfer users to zone overview window.

  • Total quantity: shows total amount of products currently stored in the bin.

Client Assignment

To reassign client for specific bin select 'Zone override' checkbox and choose new client from the list as shown below.


Default product handling is set during zone creation process. To override zone settings for specific bin, choose preferred options from dropdown menu as shown below.

Additionally, individual bins can be assigned with a quarantine status if needed. Change default 'Inherit' option to 'Yes' to make a current bin into a quarantine bin.

Notice: items from quarantine bins cannot be allocated or picked.

Bin Dimensions

General setting for bin dimensions are set in the zone editing window. To set custom dimensions for individual bin select 'Zone override' check box, select units of measurements from the dropdown menu and input new length, width, and height.

Changing dimension for select bins can be used to accommodate warehouse physical setup or when creating specials bins like returns and damaged goods.

To save your changes click 'Update' button as shown below. Changes do not save automatically.

Bin Monitoring Feature

To access full history of zone editing click 'Changes...' link in the top left corner of the zone page.

This changes log starts with bin creation date and finishes with latest updated entry. Unsaved changes are not reflected in the 'Events' list.

Deleting Bins

To delete a bin navigate to Setup > Warehouse > Zones and choose the zone from which you want to delete bins.

From the zone overview page go to the 'Bins' section at the bottom. Select bins from the list as shown below and click 'Delete' button.

Notice: If there are any products currently in the bin, P4W system will prevent bin deletion process.

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