If your customers have product packaging requirements (i.e. box size or weight limits per carton) P4W system provides Cartonization feature. Using the customer profile system will generate a procedure to pack goods in suitable boxes.

To cartonize an order, click 'Cartonize' button from the pick ticket window.

From the pop-up window, use drop down menus to select best fitting option and click 'Submit' to continue.

Notice: Default cartonization options are inherited from the Cartonization profiles setup (Fulfillment > Setup > Cartonization profiles).

After cartonization of the order is finished, header section of the pick ticket will have new entry.

In the example above, system reserved 3 boxes to package this order according to customer's specifications. Click on the link to see the distribution of the products among cartons.

After cartonization of the pick ticket is complete, users can wave ticket as usual to continue picking process.

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