Packsize Breakdown

'Packsize Breakdown' is a process of breaking larger packsizes for pick ticket orders. Breakdown label is produced by the web dispatcher during the allocation process.

In this case, a pallet of powdered detergent is required to be broken down into multiple (x60) boxes of 10 units per box.

Using android handheld device, navigate to Floor > Inventory folder and select 'Packsize' breakdown option.

Step 1

Scan breakdown ticket provided by the web dispatcher. Follow system generated instruction from your handheld device.

Step 2

Scan a bin containing the product in question.

Step 3

Scan the product.

Step 4

From the list of available packsizes, select the pack size in which product is currently stored. In this case it is one pallet of 600 units (x600).

Step 5

Enter how many large packs are available. In this case it is 1 large pack (pallet).

Step 6

Scan a bin in which you wish to store converted pack of the product.


One large pack has been successfully broken down into 60 smaller packs each containing 10 units of product per pack.

Total quantity of the product is the same but the available pack size is different, therefore pick ticket state has changed from 'Pending Packsize Breakdown' to 'Ready to Pick' and now can be processed further.

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