Add Zones

Creating Zones

A warehouse zone is a physically or logically segregated area within a warehouse defined by the product handling type (e.g., by LPN or by product) or by type of material (e.g., hazardous material, temperature requirements, etc.)

A zone enables defining constraints for putaway, retrieval, and picking of SKUs in the warehouse.

This warehouse zone system allows you always to store the items in the exact locations so that employees can know where the items are stored.

Create New Zone

To create a new zone for existing warehouse, navigate to warehouse editing page and click on 'New' button in the Zones section on the right bottom side of the window.

In the following window fill as much information as possible, then click 'Submit' in the bottom right corner.

Notice: 'Zone code' and 'Product handling' fields are mandatory for creation of the new zone. These and other information fields can be edited later.

There are two Product Handling types: By Product or by LPN. Chose the desire handling type for each zone according to the zone requirements.

Editing Existing Zones

From your default landing page navigate to Setup > Warehouse > Zones and click on the link of the desired zone from the 'Code' column.

In the following window you can setup up zone dimensions, assign clients, add/edit zone details, and configure allowed products within the chosen zone.

Zone Mask is an especially important feature that is best managed by the implementation team. In a brief overview zone mask will assist user in creating sufficient amount of bin locations to accommodate physical layout of your warehouse.

Zone masking all depends on the physical warehouse layout, use this feature with care as you can accidently create hundreds of thousands of bin locations.

Mask Structure: Mask segments are inside of { } each segment is numbered. Below are a couple samples with the results.

  • A-{0:00}-(1:000} = A-01-001

    • This format is Zone, Aisle, Level

  • B-{0:00}-{1:00} = B-01-01

    • This format is Zone, Aisle, Level

For a more information on Zone setup and editing see the following link - Zones.

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