User Modules

P4W provides a tool to create custom user interface called module. Modules will control what can or cannot be seen and accessed by a particular user (e.g., menus, options, and fields). The use of modules helps to streamline day-to-day operations, minimizes security threats, and prevents accidental system disruption from users.

Create New Module

To create a new module navigate to Setup > System > Modules and click 'New' button in the top right corner of the window.

Fill out he module details. Notice that 'Name' field is mandatory. Press 'Submit' to continue.

Edit Existing Modules

To configure your new module select it from the modules list as shown below.

From the module window select 'Menu builder' tab.

From this page you can drag-and-drop (from left-to-right) the various sections and sub-sections you wish to add to a specific module. Modules are completely custom, you can add an entire section or just specific parts at a time.

You can also add a section and then delete whatever sub-subsections you want to restrict just by pressing delete button as shown below.

Notice: While 'Receiving' section is still selected for this module, it is now missing 'Un-receive Po' and 'Non-Po receiving.

To save your progress click 'Update' button in the top right corner. Changes do not save automatically.

Modules Example

Web Browser

Here are some examples of how modules can create custom user interface. Figure 'A' is a default administrator profile that includes all the functionalities of P4W system. Figure 'B' is a custom user module - 'Manager' that only displays required sections.

Administrator User Interface

Manager Custom User Interface

Handheld Device

Here are the handheld version of administrator profile (figure 'A') and a custom user module - 'Receiver' (figure 'B').

Administrator User Interface

Receiver Custom User Interface

Deleting User Module

To delete existing user module navigate to Setup > System > Modules and click 'Delete' button from the 'Action' column as shown below.

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