Product List

Product List Settings

To access the full list of products navigate to Setup > Products.

The grid above provides user with a number of functionalities that will help organizing and working with a vast amount of product entries.

Product Selection

Check boxes on the left side of the grid allow user to chose either a specific row (product) or to select all the product listed on the page.

Notice: Select all option will only affect products listed on the current page of the grid. It will not affect products that are listed on other pages if you have them.

After the products are selected user can print product label or deleted chosen position using corresponding buttons in the top right corner of the 'Product list' window.

Grid Settings

'Column Chooser' button can customize which columns are shown on your grid.

By default, all product associated columns are selected.

If you wish to remove a column from the grid view simply unselect it from the 'Column Chooser'.

Notice: You can resize 'Column chooser' window to display more options. To do so move the cursor to any edge or corner of the window until a double-headed arrow appears. When this arrow appears, click-and-drag to make the window larger or smaller.

Meanwhile, each column of the grid, apart from the 'Image' column, has its own filter option that can help users to only display the specific products. By changing column filter settings users can group products by common parameters (e.g., Client, Category, Description, etc.)

Caution: Too many simultaneous filter requests can cause a system error. Users will need to reset grid setting to regain access to the product list.

Users can set grid columns to display their contents in either ascending or descending order.

Notice: Only active column can set product display order. Choosing the other column will override previous selection.

Resetting Grid

To reset grid to the default setting click on 'Reset grid options' button.

Data Export

To export Product list as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file click on the 'Export all data' button as shown below.

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