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Pick Tickets Page Overview

To access Pick Tickets page navigate to Fulfillment > Pick Tickets.

Pick Ticket Grid and KPI Overview

Key performance indicators (pie-chart and graphs) represent data from the grid below. These graphs are fully interactive and can be used to manipulate the data displayed on the grid.

Following grid contains a number of columns related to the different aspects of the pick tickets, including: State, Pick ticket number, Warehouse, Shipping address, Tags, and more. Each column has a filter that helps to sort through a large number of pick tickets.

Notice: Too many search queries might overload the the table and produce an error. If this happens, use a 'Reset grid options' button as shown below.

The grid is fully customizable. Using 'Column Chooser' users can select which columns will be visible on the greed.

Columns can be switched within the grid to create a custom layout that suits best to the current user.

Click on a chosen Pick ticket number link from the grid to open that Pick Ticket detail page.

Functional Buttons

Data Entry

Data entry button contains four functions:

  • 'New Pick Ticket' - manually create new pick ticket.

  • 'New WH Transfer' - ??

  • 'To Draft' changes the state of qualifying order back to draft.

  • 'Import' allows users to import multiple order from a different system using excel spreadsheet document.


'Picking' button provides actions that affect existing pick tickets in different states.

  • 'Release to Floor' changes Pick Ticket state from 'draft' to 'Unallocated' and makes it an active task that can be processed further.

  • 'Allocate/Unallcoate' - allocating products will reserve the required amount of goods for this order. Allocated product are not accessible for any other warehouse operations. Unallocating a pick ticket, respectively, will release all the products that are currently reserve for this order.

  • 'Cartonize/Uncartonize' - if cartonization profile is set for a customer, this function will separate one big order to a number of cartons. These cartons can be picked by different warehouse employees to speed up picking process. Uncartinoze option will reverse the cartonization settings for chosen orders.

  • 'Back to Picking' this function changes the 'Rating' state of a pick ticket back to 'Ready to Pick'. This allows to add previously shorted items to the order if they become available.

  • 'Auto pick' - this option will automatically reduce inventory without physical scans. This operation should only be used during training or by trained personnel!

Label Printing

This folder contains a number of functions that create operational labels for warehouse employees to use during picking process. These options are:

  • 'Print Letdown tickets' - if allocation process for the pick ticket requires an LPN letdown, this option will generate a physicals ticket that warehouse employees can utilize.

  • 'Print packsize breakdown tickets' - if allocation process for the pick ticket requires a packsize breakdown, this option will generate a physical ticket that warehouse employees can utilize.

  • 'Wave/Unwave' - this option changes pick ticket state, makes it available for physical picking process, and create an optimized picking route for warehouse employees. Multiple pick tickets can be selected for the same 'Wave'

  • 'Print tags' - prints the tag associated with chosen pick ticket.


Shipping folder provides to options.

  • 'Ship' a pick ticket that is in 'Rating' state.

  • 'Close' a ticket that has been shipped.

Task Assignment

  • This simply allows to either assign or unassign an operator from selected pick tickets.


  • 'Apply tag' option create a custom tag that helps to track and sort pick tickets. Each pick ticket can have up to 5 separate tags

  • 'Bulk update' is a function that applies while working with tens and hundreds of orders at the same time. Parameters for bulk updates are setup in the system configuration menu.

  • 'Print product barcode' prints a chosen product barcode from a selected pick ticket.

  • 'Email' is used for sending email notification to a third party.

  • 'Suspend/Unsuspend' option puts selected ticket in 'Suspended' state until a supervisor resolves any issues concerning this pick ticket. This is a control measure.

  • 'Delete' - only pick tickets in 'Draft' state can be deleted.

  • 'Clone' option creates an identical copy of selected Pick Ticket under automatically generated number and 'draft' state.

Notice: As the Pick Ticket processes through each step, buttons become visible or hidden to eliminate confusion.


Refresh button will reload pick tickets grid.

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