Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a server?

No, P4 Warehouse is only sold as SAAS (software as a service)

Can P4 Warehouse run on an Apple Computer?

Yes, P4 Warehouse can run on any modern web browser. We do not recommend Safari as we have seen errors in how this browser manages the data. The mobile devices for P4 Warehouse only run on Android devices.

Will the Android app run on a smartphone?

Yes, the app can run on a normal Android Smartphone, however one of the advantages of P4 Warehouse is the speed of scanning barcodes. To see the full potential of the WMS you need to use an Android device with an integrated barcode scanner.

We highly recommend Zebra Android devices as Zebra has a utility named DataWedge. This utility forces the warehouse worker to follow the process by not allowing them to sit in the office and type in the information.

Does P4 Warehouse have built in production?

Yes, P4 Warehouse has a full production line functionality.

Do I have to buy each function of P4 Warehouse separately like in other WMS systems.

No, we do not sell P4 Warehouse in modules. We sell the complete solution for one very reasonable cost. We do not nickel and dime our clients. There are no hidden costs with P4 Warehouse.

Does P4 Warehouse manage multi companies?

Yes, P4 Warehouse is a multi-company, multi-warehouse solution.

I have a specific need to install P4 Warehouse on my own server, is this possible.

Yes, we offer P4 Warehouse in three different models.

  1. SAAS - Software as a service, this is the most economical solution.

  2. Hybrid Cloud - This is installed on your server, however the licensing is in the cloud. This allows for easy adjustment of the user licenses. Meaning if you need to increase the license count, up or down it is very simple.

  3. Full on premise- This model allows you to have your WMS completely disconnected from the internet.

It is important to note models 2 and 3 do not include updates as we do not have access to your private server. Model #1 does include automatic updates meaning you always have the newest version of the software.

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